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Hangover Hacks is your one-stop source for information on how to treat and cure the alcoholic hangover. The objective of this site is to uncover and share insights from the latest scientific research into hangovers and provide you with solutions for hangover cures, treatment and prevention.

Alcohol is consumed by 2 billion people globally and has been popular since before the dawn of humanity when our early ancestors developed a liking for fermented fruit 10 million years ago.

As a result of alcohol’s widespread consumption, many varieties and social acceptance across the globe, alcohol is deeply embedded in the social fabric of our lives, meaning that unfortunately hangovers are a necessary evil of modern life. The majority of people who drink alcohol experience some form of hangover symptoms; which commonly include fatigue, dehydration and nausea.

Nearly everyone who has had a hangover has uttered the dreaded phrase ‘never again’ but how is scientific research helping to make hangovers a thing of the past?

Obviously, the best way to stop a hangover is to moderate or abstain from alcohol consumption. Alcohol abuse is a very serious issue and we would recommend seeking support if you or anyone you know has problems with alcohol. While we should all consider cutting down on the amount we drink or stopping completely, for the majority of people drinking will always be a part of life.

The truth is that beyond alcohol abstinence, science has yet to develop a full proof way of curing the hangover. Scientists don’t even have a full picture of exactly what happens to the body when it experiences a hangover. However, research into hangover prevention and treatment has been growing in recent years and studies have found treatments that are effective in alleviating symptoms associated with  hangovers.

Drink responsibly

Hangover Hacks always encourages responsible drinking. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a few drinks from time to time but it is always important to make sure you stay in control of the amount of alcohol that you drink.

If the amount you drink is getting out of control then please seek support immediately. Alcoholism is a very serious issue affecting many and there are lots of charities out there that can help you to get your habit under control.

If you or anyone you know needs any support or information related to alcohol abuse, please visit Drink Aware, a site with excellent support and resources to combat alcoholism.

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