Hungover summary

What is it?

The chocolate plant has become known for it's abilities to treat colds headaches and has anti-inflammatory qualities which make it an ideal hangover remedy.

What symptoms does it cure?

  • Headaches
  • Cold-like symptoms
  • Reduces blood alcohol levels

Where can I get it?

The chocolate vine can be bought from most garden centres as a plant or in seed form.


More commonly known as the five-leaf chocolate plant, Akebia Quinata is a chocolate-scented shrub native to Japan but now grown in the US. the herb grows with a twining vine and produces an edible sausage shaped fruit with an edible pulp.

Akebia Quinata is a well-known remedy for many health problems. The herb can help ease problems associated colds, headaches and even diabetes and various forms of cancer. Aside from medicinal uses Akebia can also be used in the kitchen by either consuming the woody vine or frying the fruit which possesses a subtle sweet flavour.

The chocolate plant reported pain-relieving qualities mean that it is no surprise it is considered as a cure for the common hangover.

While the fruit of the chocolate plant has been traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic, the stem has been shown to have these effects as well but also analgesic qualities. The stem’s pain relieving qualities make it a top hangover cure candidate and it’s no surprise that research has been performed to validate these claims.

What the Science Says

A recent study by Jung et al. (2016) from Korea University investigated Akebia’s analgesic effects on alcoholic hangovers. To examine these claims the researchers recruited 25 participants who first consumed either, water, Akebia Quinata leaf, Akebia Quinata fruit or one of two commerical hangover beverages.
After taking blood from the participants after four time periods it was found that the two Akebia Quinata extracts were the best at reducing blood alcohol levels compared to the commercial hangover beverages, water and a placebo group. The study provides solid evidence that the chocolate plant is an effective hangover cure and significantly better at reducing blood alcohol levels compared to commercial alternatives.


Jung, S., Lee, S. H., Song, Y. S., Lee, S. Y., Kim, S. Y., & Ko, K. S. (2016). Effect of beverage containing fermented Akebia quinata extracts on alcoholic hangover. Preventive nutrition and food science, 21(1), 9.

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