Hungover summary

What is it?

Juice from a pear - one of the most popular fruits in the world. Korean variety is a particularly promising hangover remedy.

What symptoms does it cure?

  • Reduces overall hangover severity
  • Improves concentration
  • Reduces memory impairment

Where can I get it?

Your local supermarket, health shop or online


Not all hangover cures are obscure plant extracts, some are super common and found at your local supermarket. Pears are the 10th most consumed fruit in the US and is a little known fact that that this popular fruit can help alleviate the lingering effects of a heavy night’s drinking.

Numerous studies have found that juice of a pear can help reduce hangover symptoms. Korean pears (Pyrus pyrifolia) have historically been used as a hangover cure but scientific research has since found they are particularly effective in improving difficulties in concentrating, memory impairment and light sensitivity that can come as part of a hangover. Korean pears could be particularly good hangover cures because of they contain higher levels of potassium, sugar and water compared to western varieties which are known to help ease hangover symptoms.

If you aren’t lucky enough to live in Seoul and Korean pears aren’t readily available, other varieties are likely to have the same effect according to Nutrition and Health specialist Professor Manny Noakes. Although research has yet to confirm that other types have the same benefits as Korean pears, it would be a safe bet to assume they’ll still help you to kicking that hangover.

What the Science Says

Lee et al. (2013) of the Sookmyoung Women’s University in Seoul conducted a single blind experiment on 14 healthy men to invesitgate the impact of Korean pear juice on hangover severity.

Participants in the study consumed 540ml of spirits (20% alcohol) and two hours later were given 220ml of either Korean pear juice or a placebo. Blood and urine samples were taken at 9 time points over the course of a 15 hour period as well as three questionnaires to measure hangover severity.

The study found that 15 hours after drinking spirits the korean pear juice had significantly alleviated hangover symptoms by 16% compared to the control group. The authors firmly believe that the data suggests that Korean pear juice reduces total hangover severity as well as individual hangover symptoms.

The study provides evidence that Korean pear juice reduces memory impairment, concentration issues as well as light and noise sensitivity. The hangover cure was also found to significantly lower blood alcohol levels which suggests it may even help prevent you getting a hangover in the first place.


Lee, H. S., Isse, T., Kawamoto, T., Baik, H. W., Park, J. Y., & Yang, M. (2013). Effect of Korean pear (Pyruspyrifolia cv. Shingo) juice on hangover severity following alcohol consumption. Food and chemical toxicology, 58, 101-106.